Who is Screw Loose?

I am first generation American raised by my mother. I was diagnosed with epilepsy on my 19th birthday and have had seizures since then. I have been seizure free however for 3 years. 

I am happily married to my beautiful wife. We have a mini-Weiner dog named Ellie. We had an amazing Star Wars themed wedding with friends, family, jedi, and Sith! It was spectacular. 

I actively play airsoft with friends across the country. It has always been my personal escape ever since I was 10 years old from strict Asian mother. I have had the amazing opportunity to meet amazing people from different walks of life. Thankful for everyone I have met. 

I started Screw Loose because I have all these crazy wacky ideas from enjoying a variety of different fandoms. I really do love Star Wars, more specifically the Clone Wars, Vox Machina, and more. I believe I have these crazy ideas that I can put out there and show everyone. A lot of them are misses but, that's alright! Sometimes in life you just gotta keep trying!