Welcome to Screw Loose, founded on the idea that disabilities can create fun and weird designs! The name Screw Loose came from my disability of epilepsy or having seizures. My brain isn't screwed in on tight anymore so I have screws coming out! I hope you enjoy the fun and weird designs I come up with!

Our Journey:

I really love different genres of things. There is no better or elegant way of saying it except that I really love Star Wars, HALO, Fall Out, D&D, animation, and a lot more. I also just want to create new and different shirts, stickers, patches that I like and want to share with everyone. I have no idea where this journey will go but, I hope you stick with me on it. 

Our Mission:

Anyone that ask about what I out of this. I tell them that I want to make cool and unique designs and make people smile and laugh. The world is already going through terrible things, so why not make somethings a bit better. I am not interested in becoming a millionaire. I am wanting to see somebody smile. Seeing somebody "wreck a PR". Seeing somebody have a better day cause they have a comfy shirt they can relate too. Or a sticker they really like. Or a patch that is unique and they love because it is made by a fellow fan. That is my mission and goal. To make merch that makes people smile and laugh at the end of the day. 

What Sets Us Apart:

There are amazing brands out there. I am not any better than anyone else. I am a merchandise company at the end of the day. It's just me, my wife, and my two Weiner dogs. I have a lot of friends talking to me about new designs to make. Tweaking something I have sketched out. I am just a guy who loves a lot of nerdy stuff. Hopefully some people can relate to that and finds something they enjoy as well! 

Community and Connection:

I am extremely driven on talking to people within my community. I believe in hearing feedback about everything and anything I do. What people are WANTING from a show for t-shirts, stickers, patches, and whatever else! Fans make shows, movies, and everything else happen so we should make merch that THEY love. I also just love talking. Kindof something my wife loves and hates about me haha. 

Join Us on this Adventure:

I am beyond grateful if you have gotten this far in my little rant paragraph. I am not good at expressing sometimes my feelings, but I am extremely grateful for everyone who else supported me so far. Every time I see somebody share a picture of my t-shirt being worn. Or a sticker placed on a bottle. Or a patch being worn. I just get the biggest smile. I hope you join me on my journey of making new and weird designs that my brain comes up with! Thank you so much.